Management Committee 2021 – 2022

President: Alan Dowling

Senior Vice President: Leanne Thomas

Jnr Vice President: David McConnell

Secretary: Vicky Baylis

Treasurer: Kylie Lang

Member: David Whitehead

Member: Sharon Robinson

Member: Paige Schofield

Member: Louie Garard

Event Manager: Kylie Lang

Trade site Manager: Leanne Thomas

Atherton Tableland Agricultural Society

Benefits of being a Member

Becoming a member is a simple way to say “I support the Show!”

Membership is the strength of the Show Society and is a great way to show your support.

Strong membership ensures backing from government, sponsors and other agencies.

Members do not have to be workers. While many members are also volunteers, these two roles are not related and we welcome members who wish to show their support for their local Show without requiring them to be active volunteers or workers.

There are about 30,000 members and 14,000 volunteers across 128 Agricultural Shows in Queensland.

Any individual person can apply to become an ordinary member by completing an application form and paying the fee, subject to acceptance at the next Management Committee meeting.


Individual $20 

Family (2 Adults, 3 Children) $50 

Large Family (2 Adults, up to 6 Children) $60

Extra Large Family (2 Adults, 7+ Children) $70


  • Free 2-day Gate Entry
  • Invitation to all General Meetings including the Annual General Meeting
  • Voting rights at General Meetings for all members over 18 years of age
  • Right to hold a Management Committee position if over 18 years of age
  • Discounted Gate entry to other ATAS events
  • Membership Card
  • Show Member discounts as available at any time from local businesses
  • Monthly E-Newsletter (minutes of meetings, special offers, updates)
  • Invitation to Social Events (eg. Merry Muster)

For further information, and to receive an application form please complete your details below:

*We will send you an official membership application form to complete.

Applying for or Renewing a Membership

Every new application for any class of membership must be on the current Membership Application Form.

New members must be proposed and seconded by current members and all parties must sign the application form. All new memberships will be presented at the next
Management meeting and voted on by the Management Committee. Upon acceptance of the application, a Membership Card and Number will be issued.

Renewal of existing memberships must also use the current Membership Application Form, but do not require a proposer and seconder.

All member details must be updated on the form. Proof of previous membership
may need to be provided.

Please note that we have a duty of disclosure to our insurer, and we must advise the underwriter of any members and volunteers who are, or will become, over the age of 80 years during the year. To protect your privacy, we have not asked for your date of birth, but would appreciate if you could provide just your year of birth.

Membership Year

In accordance with clause 6. (2) of our Constitution, the Management Committee has determined that the membership year will follow the financial year of the Society which is 1st October to 30th September.

When fees are paid they are for that financial year or any part thereof, and will not carry over into the next financial year, nor is there a pro-rata discount.